Mindful Yoga

http://terra-gallery.com/?search=find-best-price-canadian-viagra-buy-online Mindful yoga is a gentle and therapeutic yoga form inspired by modern mindfulness-based stress reduction, and can be practiced by everyone. Soft yoga postures together with breathing and mindfulness techniques offer a way to let go of stress or tension. The emphasis of this yoga style is the release of stress, anxiety, and tensions, as well as developing a more compassionate approach to our bodies and practice. Mindfulness brings us into the present moment where we learn to meet our experiences in a new and healthy way, looking into the deeper causes of stress in the mind and body and how to transform them. This therapeutic style of Hatha yoga has been inspired and informed by the modern research on yoga, as well as Yin yoga, Restorative yoga, and somatic based movement therapies. This is a soft yoga flow practiced slowly, in a safe manner, and suitable for all levels of experience. The classes begin and end with relaxation.

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Mindfulness and Compassion

see url Mindfulness is a mental training that has become popular in our stressful modern times because of its documented benefits to improve well-being, and its many therapeutic uses such as reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and emotional reactivity. Mindfulness brings the attention to the present moment with purpose, helping us to become more focused, calm and resilient, so making wiser choices in our everyday life.

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http://martinpresence.com/?search=viagra-canada Compassion and loving-kindness practices complement the mental training of mindfulness by working with attitudes that open the heart in an unconditional way. This open heart in turn brings more joy, positive feelings, and healing. Traditionally, mindfulness and compassion together are the basis for finding inner peace, and for bringing this peace into the world around us. These methods are informed by modern research and clinical effectiveness, such as found in MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction).

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Yin yoga

viagra london drugs bc Yin yoga together with inspired poetry and ambient music create an atmosphere of deep relaxation and contemplation. This is a slow class to dive into your yoga for release and insight, and to savor the moment with beautiful sounds and timeless wisdom. The postures are held for longer periods, moving slowly with periods of rest between. The benefits of this style of practice work more with the connective tissue and ligaments, rather than the soft muscles, and have a gently stimulating effect on the energy channels, or meridians. Staying longer in each posture gives space to meet with your experience in new ways, and let go of deeper layers of holding in both the body and mind. Poetry and readings carefully selected from themes of yoga philosophy give us the opportunity to reflect on their meaning in our own practice. The class ends with some restorative postures and a long relaxation.

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